Summer Camp Themes 2020

Week 1

June 21 – June 27
Animal Planet Week
enjoy the start of our 2020 season among the natural wonders we create at camp! Campers make fictional characters and navigate through natural habitats they’ll create: jungles, rivers, rainforests, deserts, and mountain settings.

Week 2

June 28 – July 4
Special Olympics Week: get your playful sports gear on for some inclusive and challenging team games, relays, obstacle courses, water races, and a creative collaborations.

Week 3

July 5 – July 11
Storybooks Week – let’s go on an adventure together into the land of magical words and create imaginary creatures, figures and places! Note: Prom is July 10th, please send semi-formal clothing. (July 11th: Visiting day for continuing campers: 2pm-5pm).

Week 4

July 12 – July 18
Project Save the Planet Huntington Style Week
A journey into how our planet works, and how we can develop climate sensitivity and awareness to influence our impact on Earth! Campers will create recycling, composting and waste disposal projects to make a cleaner world!

Week 5

July 19 – July 25
Animation Week: a bold journey into the world of clever superheroes, artistic and friendly comic books, peaceful fantasy character role play, and humorous cartoon character sounds and silliness that will keep us all floating in playful curiosity!

Week 6

July 26 – August 1
Through the Decades Week: 
Celebrating our 60th anniversary! We’ll walk through the decades, one each day… honoring our founders and role-playing the various cultural moments from each decade in our program history. Note: Prom is July 31st, please send semi-formal clothing. (August 1st: Visiting day for continuing campers: 2pm-5pm).

Week 7

August 2 – August 8
Festival Week!
Celebrate Mardi Gras with us! A colorful celebration of diversity, jazz, dance, dazzling costumes and of course: creole treats!

Week 8

August 9 – August 15
Happy Holidays Week: 
Featuring culture-defining holidays from around the world, from various countries, learning about different traditions, languages, dances, customs, flags, clothing, sports, weather and more!

Week 9

August 16 – August 22
Under the High Falls Stars Week
A special season-ending week of starry dances, shiny costumes, alien creatures large and small that delight and amaze, as we prepare for a grand finale carnival and prom. Note: Prom is August 21st, please send semi-formal clothing.

Visiting Days

July 11th and August 1st
Visiting Day Hours are between 2pm – 5p

Summer Camp – Typical Day

Summer Camp – Typical Day

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