Summer Camp Program for Special Campers

Camp Huntington offers therapeutic recreation programs during summer and a winter week program for individuals with developmental disabilities. At Camp Huntington, we are cognizant of the need to both provide a safe and fun environment for our campers to spend the summer, but also to work on skill acquisition and achieving goals that will increase independence upon returning to their community. Our uniquely designed program contains specific approaches that meet the needs of a wide variety of individuals with special needs. The program is centered around three specific goals; participation, recreation and independence.


Summer camp is a valuable experience for everyone. Our individualized and structured activities allow campers to feel secure. Campers are introduced to new skills and activities in a precise and consistent manner by staff that are trained by special education and therapy professionals; they are encouraged to participate with counselors and fellow campers using positive reinforcement and praise.


The camp setting is ideal for learning and generalizing social skills. Campers live in groups that vary in size from three to eight campers. The low counselor-to-camper ratio of 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 allows staff members to ensure that all campers participate in each of the daily activities to the maximum possible extent. Music, drama, arts & crafts and swimming are always among the favorites.


One of the main purposes of summer camp is to have fun participating in safely designed activities, appropriate for a wide-range of ability levels. The learning and organizational strategies being taught at home and in school are reinforced in our fun and relaxed environment. Each camper participates in a wide range of activities that are designed to enhance social skills, and be both fun and challenging. Counselors ensure that every camper experiences success in each activity. This enables us to improve the self-esteem of the individual, and enhances their individual abilities.


Promoting independence during the summer is the third component of our program. Not only does camp help to teach and maintain independence in activities of daily living, but camp provides the freedom for campers to participate on their own, and for them to develop a sense of themselves as capable individuals. While our program is designed to be a recreational summer camp, it also contains meaningful and beneficial therapeutic and educational components. Campers feel that they have been attending camp to have fun, but their exciting daily activities are preparing them for greater future successes in school and their communities. Campers work on key daily living skills, social skills and cooperation strategies with others.

All of our professionally-designed activities encompass the benefits of all three programs (participation, recreation, and independence).


We can also adapt our program design to emphasize specific aspects to produce benefits in key areas, such as, friendship-making, cooperation, or functional task completion.

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