How We’re Different

Camp Huntington is different from other special needs camps we are aware of in a few ways:

The most significant difference is that the Camp Huntington program is based on a therapeutic programming model formulated from a combination of special education, Psychology and Behavior Analysis.  This has shown itself to be a potent and success-producing combination.  Campers are challenged in a positive ways during daily activities and with ADLs to improve skills, and learn new ones. Delivery is done using gentle speech, in a non-punitive way that encourages trust and cooperation. Academic backgrounds of supervisors allow us to meet IEP goals during a child’s stay at camp.

  • Staff are selected from a number of countries around the world, that adds to a multi-cultural spirit at camp, and also bring in various care modalities that help improve our approaches every summer.
  • We cater very carefully to any special diets.

A full service medical clinic is on site to help provide campers with daily healthcare checks by one of nurses and to manage daily medication administration.

  • We are located within 25 minutes of 2 major hospitals and within 5 minutes of local ambulance and police services, thus our program site is able to connect rapidly with emergency services and is not an secluded as many camps can be.
  • We are located conveniently near most of our families, and while a few camps are also in our region, I generally hear parents discuss this as a comfort factor.
  • We offer one week stays, when most competitor programs require longer stays that don’t always offer enough flexibility for camper families, especially new ones.
  • We operate a non-profit company that helps families in financial need obtain supplement funds when other funding sources are not available.  And while the High Falls Center has limited funding, a number of families benefit from it each summer.