Recreation for the Learning Disabled, ADD, ADHD

Our recreation program is specifiCall Toll Freey designed for children and teenagers with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD and neurological impairments. Campers participate in a variety of daily activities which are much like those offered at a camp for the non-disabled. Counselors use the recreational activities as a means of remediation for attention, memory, and perceptual disabilities. The learning and organizational strategies being taught at home and in school are reinforced in a fun and relaxing environment.

Counselors ensure that activities are presented in auditory, visual, and kinesthetic modes to assist campers in their understanding and enjoyment of the camp program. Activities allow for a great deal of movement and last for a maximum of one hour.

Each camp activity is designed to assist the remediation of a specific disability. For example, a camper with an oral language disability would benefit greatly from a program that includes academics, music, drama, and speech classes. Children with reading and arithmetic disabilities would be provided with plenty of opportunities to practice their reading and math skills. These skills would be used in academics, letter writing, arts & crafts, and even sports activities. Campers with fine motor or handwriting disabilities would participate in a variety of arts & crafts, woodworking, fabric arts, cooking, gardening and computer-assisted learning activities.

Each camper participates in a wide variety of activities that are designed to enhance social skills and be both fun and challenging.

Counselors ensure that every camper experiences success in each program. This enables us to improve your child’s self-esteem and enhances their individual abilities.

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